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Book Binding ServicesWhen you need to have a book bound, you have several options from which to choose. Whether you are putting together a training manual for your employees, or you are working on finalizing your manuscript, the right binding technique will create a final product that ensures the longevity, functionality and attractiveness of your book.

Types of Bookbinding

Book binders, such as The Print Connection, offer several types of bookbinding services. The binding used typically depends upon the intended purpose of the book and its size. Other factors that may contribute to the type of binding that best suits your project are your budget and how you would like your finished project to look. You may also want to consider how the book will be used. Books like manuals that will be frequently used may benefit from binding that allow them to lay open flat, for example.

The most common types of bookbinding are comb, coil, wire-o and perfect.

Comb Binding

Comb binding is commonly used for legal manuals. It is available in numerous sizes as well as different colors. It allows books to lay open. However, the combs can be more prone to damage than other types of binding, and comb binding is more expensive than some other options.

Coil Binding

Coil binding, also known as spiral binding, is one of the most popular bookbinding methods. This binding process involves the use of plastic coils and wires to hold individual pages together. Coils range from ¼” to 2” in diameter, and they can be used to bind books that are up to 24” tall. Like comb binding, coil binding allows books to lay flat. This option is commonly used for calendars and notebooks.

Wire-O Binding

Wire-o binding, which is also sometimes referred to as double wire binding, creates a professional and tamper resistant bind. Similar to coil binding, wire-o binding is extremely durable and also allows pages to lay flat. In addition to being more durable than coil binding, however, wire-o binding is also more expensive.

Perfect Binding

Perfect binding has many different names, including adhesive binding and unsewn binding. Paperback books are created using this method. Perfect binding is one of the more durable ways to bind a book. Rather than using stitches, perfect binding is done using cement binding. The result is an extremely long-lasting bind. The only downside is that this method does not allow books to lay flat.

Professional Bookbinding in Denver & the Surrounding Areas

When you are in need of professional bookbinding services in Denver, trust the professionals at The Print Connection. Our staff has several years of combined experience in bookbinding, and they can help you choose the option that best suits your project. No matter what type of book you are putting together, there is a binding option that will work for you.

Once your book has been bound, The Print Connection also offers a full array of finishing services. From wrapping your books to shipping them to their final destination, we will help you with every step of the process. To learn more about professional bookbinding in Denver, give us a call today at 303-779-1420.

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