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Small Price, Big Impression

A business card is an essential part of any marketing campaign. When designed well, it can create an impression that will stick with your prospects until they are ready to invest in your products and services. On the flip side, a poorly-designed business card could make a negative impression or no impression at all and simply end up tossed in the trash can.

Business cards may be printed on small pieces of paper, but they have the potential to make a huge impact. Think of your business card as a miniature billboard that you hand out to everyone you meet. Unlike a normal billboard, though, business cards are affordable no matter how tight your marketing budget may be. And, in many cases, handing out your business card provides you with a chance to start a one-on-one conversation with prospective clients.

Still not sure just how important business cards are? Keep reading.

Huge Impact, Tiny Price. What’s Not to Love?

Each day, more than 27 million business cards are produced. Why are so many made every single day? Because business owners know they work. For every 2,000 business cards distributed, a company’s sales will increase by, on average, 2.5%. The typical business card costs less than 0.10 to print, and customized business card is generally pretty affordable as well. Plus, once you’ve settled on the design, you can use the same one for limitless production runs, meaning that after the first batch, you’ll only be paying for printing and shipping services.

Making the Biggest Possible Impact with Your Business Cards

Colored Business Card Paper

It should go without saying that having your business cards professionally designed is the first step toward ensuring maximum positive impact. Graphic design is an art; it’s about so much more than just making some text and images look good on paper. A good graphic designer can evoke strong feelings in your business card recipients, and that is a great way to be remembered.

When working out the details of your design, one simple change will make your prospects hold on to your card ten times longer before tossing it – Designing your cards in color. Full color cards have a lot more impact, and they are less likely to be overlooked. Plus, certain colors have been proven to have various impacts on viewers.

There are several common mistakes that people make when designing their own business cards or even when working with a professional designer if they are set on their cards looking a certain way. The number one mistake is designing a boring or unclear card. Your business card needs to be creative, but it also needs to clearly convey your message.

Another common mistake is not making your contact information easy to find. Prospects don’t want to sift through tons of text on a small business card to find your phone number; make it easy to find and they will be much more likely to call. A well designed card just

A big problem with designing and printing your own business cards is quality. Printable business cards that you run through your home inkjet printer just don’t have the same look and feel as professionally printed ones. The paper quality isn’t as nice. Plus, your ink quality probably isn’t as good as that of a professional printer.

With real estate being at a minimum on a business card, you might think that designing a larger-than-standard business card is a great idea, right? Wrong. Oversized business cards tend to find their way into the trash much faster than standard ones simply because they do not fit properly in wallets or business card organizers.

Denver Business Card Design and Printing

At The Print Connection, we love designing and printing awesome, eye-catching business cards for our clients. From normal business cards to cards with unique features, we can create something that perfectly reflects you and your business.

The best business cards start with the right materials, and we have exactly what you need. From high-quality cardstock in varying weights and colors to various finishes, coatings and options like raised ink, we can create your perfect, professional quality business card.

When you really want to make your cards pop, we offer a number of other options. Rounded edges, foil and die cuts are just a few of the things we can do to make your cards “you.” If you have an idea for a unique business card, don’t hesitate to give us a shout! We love working with creative people, and if we can turn your idea into a reality, we will.

Your business card is a fast and affordable way to make a huge impact on everyone you meet. To fully harness the potential of this powerful marketing tool, contact The Print Connection for professional Denver business card design and printing. You can reach us at 303-779-1420.

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