Choosing a Commercial Roofing Contractor

Choosing a roofing contractor might feel like choosing the doctor that is going to deliver your first born. A roofing contractor is just as important because your roof is what keeps you safe and warm, protecting you from the outside world when you need protection the most. You should know what it is that you need to look for when choosing a commercial roofing contractor.

The first thing to look for when choosing a roofing contractor is a good history. You will find the history of the contractor by searching online, or even asking the contractor if they have any past and current clients for you to refer to. Good recommendations and a past history is going to make you feel more confident in your decision for a roofing contractor.

You will also want to run a background check on the contractor. A good contractor isn’t going to have any negativity on their background records, ensuring that they are safe and reliable. They should also have proof of insurance. You will want to see that they have liability coverage and workers’ compensation, to cover them if there are any accidents while they are working on your home. Without proper insurance, you become liable for accidents on your property.

A contractor should be properly licensed specific on the state’s requirements. You will know what your state requires by checking the Department of Professional Regulation or Licensing board for this information. The contractor should also have a permanent place of business, telephone number, fax number, and a business license.

Once you have settled on a contractor, write up a well detailed proposal, making sure both parties have everything they want included in it. Everyone involved needs to sign this document so that it is official and if one party fails to meet what is written in the agreement it is up to them to cover any damage or harm done. Without an agreement, anybody can back out at any time, meaning that no legal action can be pursued. You could be out of a lot of money if this were to happen.

Choosing a roofing contractor does not need to be a difficult process. In the end you should have a contractor that is professional, reliable and respectful of your decisions. Both of the parties’ needs should be met for the duration of the project, and you should have a well-built roof that will last many years.

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