Choosing vendors is an important step for any business.

For us, since we are a Denver printing company, it is vital that we work with a digital printing vendor that best suits our needs.  Our digital printing machines are high quality, high speed machines and are cost effective for us to run and therefore cost effective for clients.  Recently a partner of ours was complaining about his high speed color machine and is considering moving to another vendor.  As him and I were conversing about this, we both spoke of the importance of quality, expense and how good the service is from the techs.  Unfortunately, these are machines and they do break down, so getting them repaired quickly is a must.  Primarily, any company like us relies on service contracts because if we had to pay for service each time something went wrong, we would be out of business or costs to consumers would be outrageous.

This leads me to topic of this blog.  A number of years ago I worked as a sales manager for a major office supply company.  The challenges I faced within my own corporation were so tough that it affected productivity.  Those challenges were from two different departments (Sales & Service) trying to work together.  In sales, we were given tremendous training and materials to do our job and succeed.  As a sales person, if you are successful then you can generally make a good living.  On the service side, they were given almost no training and were paid horribly so there was absolutely no dedication to the job, the clients, the tenure of their employment and important to this topic, the sales staff.  The sales staff would (hopefully) do their job and sell a potential client on doing their business with us and when they would bring the clients in, it was the hope that the service staff would take care of them.  Too many times this fails because of the lack of training and/or pay difference.   This causes a lot of tension between the two departments because a sales person depends on the service person to make their client happy and that doesn’t always happen as typically there isn’t the incentive that sales staffs have. The interesting fact here is that you can relate this problem to almost any business whether it is Doctors vs. Nurses, Auto Sales vs. Auto Repair, Restaurant service staff vs. the kitchen staff, etc.

Here at The Print Connection, we are evaluating this closely because of our business depends on it.  As I mentioned earlier, we have a vendor that provides us service on our machines.  We leased machines from them on a 5 year plan and therefore we are 3 years into the lease.  For the most part, they have been a pretty good vendor but there have been some challenges.  Our sales representative comes in periodically trying to maintain a good relationship because he knows that in 2 years we will be evaluating whether to renew a lease with them or not.  It is clear that the sales staff of this vendor and the service do not see eye to eye.  There have been numerous times that a problem will get passed onto the other department because they just don’t want to deal with it.  Unfortunately, this is a very common challenge and more than likely will be the same issues no matter which vendor we go with.

The Print Connection does great work and we pride ourselves on producing great Denver printing services and treating all of clients well.  In the next couple years, we will be seeking the best vendors to make sure we are doing what it takes to take care of our clients.  As we grow, I hope to always make sure that staff here is happy because that will ultimately give our clients the best service and product.

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