Your Favorite Denver Printer Is Growing!

As a business owner, progress is good yet at the same time scary. The Print Connection is in the process of upgrading all of our digital printing machines to be able to offer better quality, more options and faster service to our clientele. Our new machines will create an image that is beautiful, with precise colors and lines that will impress you. We can create documents that will set your business apart from your competitors.

denver printer is growing business

Your Denver printer is growing!

One of the major challenges that business owners have is how to grow their business. The Print Connection has been in business for over 8 years and we have been through a number of challenges. Most of these challenges we have conquered, however running a business is not always easy (I know, duh!). We have battled a partnership separation, price increases from our vendors, not the best employees, non-paying clients and now we are in the process of yet another challenge. We are changing vendors because we want to provide the highest quality product for our clients. We feel that the new vendor we are partnering with will provide us the ability to produce these high quality products. The only issues here are when you lease equipment from a large company and don’t renew leases, heartache occurs between vendors and clients. As an owner of a company this is a situation where I am taking the emotion out of a relationship and making sure the professionalism is present. To our existing clients, we will have a transition, but the only thing you will see is higher quality and hopefully quicker turnaround.

Once we get the transition completed, we will have another high quality digital printing machine, a color printing machine that is faster. It uses thicker stock and the black & white will rival any Denver printing company. Plus, our new machines will provide extra abilities in bindery (i.e. saddle stitching, folding, booklet making and more).

The bottom line with this whole blog: The Print Connection is working hard to grow our company and provide our clientele with the very best marketing materials available today.

If you have any questions about what we are capable of, please contact us. We’re excited to share this transition with you, and look forward to creating some amazing products!

Thank you,
Troy Kinney
The Print Connection

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