Happy New Year From The Print Connection

As 2015 begins, the excitement of new beginnings emerge. Here at The Print Connection, we are extremely excited about the new year.

We will be adding more digital color printing machines to be able to offer better quality and speed to our clientele. Currently, we are providing terrific quality at a very fair price and our turnaround time is arguably amongst the quickest in the whole metro area. When I was a regional manager for another company many years ago, we were taught to inform our customers that we can offer 2 of the 3 options I listed up above. For example; if you wanted great quality at a great price, we couldn’t guarantee the speed, or if you wanted a great price and quick turnaround, we couldn’t guarantee the quality, if you wanted great quality and a quick turnaround, we couldn’t guarantee the price (get the picture). I am very proud to say at The Print Connection, we have very high quality at a very competitive price. To add to this, the staff here is fantastic, so if it is reasonable to get a project done, we work really hard to get every job done as quick possible.

2015 also opens up opportunities for The Print Connection to grow for bindery. Currently, we can punch & coil bind books, laminate, shrink wrap, drill books, cut to almost any book size, and fold and other bindery options. We will be looking to expand this area of our business to offer the best for our customers and speed the finished products up. We also seek out the best partners in the industry to help make the printing process for our customers.

Finally, Goal Setting…we are in the process of trying to foresee 2015 for The Print Connection. We are setting goals with our customers in mind. We want to add staff, do more reviews and compare ourselves with our competitors to make sure we are offering the best possible product and do it cost effectively.

Hopefully 2015 finds you successful, happy and healthy.

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