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Large Format Printing – For When You Need to Make a Big Impression

Large Format PrinterWhen you need to make a big impression, large format printing is the way to go. With large format printing capabilities, the Print Connection is able to produce high-quality banners, posters, signs, window display and more. These large items make huge statements, and they rarely go unnoticed.  Whether you’re using a banner or a sign to promote your business or you’re using it for a personal function such as a birthday or retirement party, the types of materials that can be printed with large format printing are sure to make an impression and be remembered well.

When to Use a Large Format Printing Service

There are plenty of times when large format printing is an excellent choice:

  • Promoting your business or organization at a conference, convention or other large event
  • Advertising a sale or special promotion at your business
  • Birthday parties, military homecomings, reunions and other family events

The opportunities for taking fully advantage of large format printing services are truly limited only by your imagination. For businesses and other organizations, things like banners, posters and large signs are excellent for branding purposes. Large displays get noticed, and they are memorable. Whether you’re using them in a store, restaurant or other business or as a backdrop at an event, they are very powerful tools that you should be taking advantage of.

Large format printed materials are also ideal for many personal applications. What better way to welcome home your favorite soldier than with a huge custom-printed banner? Or, if you are hosting a family reunion, large signs are a much better method of pointing the way to your venue than small, hand drawn signs that are easily missed.

What to Look For in a Printer

When you’re looking for a printer for banners, signs, posters, etc., look for a company that has the capabilities to produce your items in house. This ensures the fastest possible turnaround time, and it is usually more affordable than outsourcing.

Look for a printing company that has years of experience and a trusted reputation. Also, make sure the company you choose provides appropriate options to suit your needs. For example, if you need a banner that will be used outdoors for an extended period of time, make sure the printer you choose will print it on durable vinyl and offers appropriate finishing options, such as reinforced hems and grommets to ensure longevity.

At The Print Connection, we offer a full array of large format printing services in Denver and the surrounding areas. Call 303-779-1420 to learn more or to get started on your large format printing project. Our design professionals are ready and willing to help!

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