Roof Marketing

Roof Marketing

Welcome to The Print Connection’s page devoted specifically to marketing for the roofing industry. As a former roofing manufacturer’s representative, I have extensive knowledge of the roof marketing industry and we work with many roofing companies locally and nationally. Our goal is to provide you with roof contractor marketing materials as quick as possible because we understand the need to be the first roofers at the scene of disasters like Hail Storms.

Roofing Contractor Marketing Campaigns

Having the proper roof contractor marketing materials is vital for gaining the upper edge in a very competitive market. Most homeowners don’t know how important the roof of their house is. When a disaster like hail destroys their roof, they don’t realize that it can affect the value of their home, the look of their home and the weather protection that a roof provides. It is a roofing sales reps.’ job to educate and develop trust with a homeowner on the importance of getting their roof done. The proper roof contractor marketing materials can help sell the job and give the education to a homeowner that they need for making a big decision.

Some of the most popular marketing materials are Door Hangers, Flyers, Yard Signs, Brochures, Business Cards, Pocket Folders, Copies of Referral Letters, Copies of Credentials, Magnets and Post Cards. There are many services and options for other materials, you just need to give us an idea of what you may be looking for. We also help roofing contractors with important documents such as contracts, disclaimers and other important legal information to provide a homeowner a roof.

Door Hangers

These can printed two different ways: 1) Printed on manufacturer’s paper that is already die cut so that they fit around a doorknob. These are great for quick printing, however, the paper is very light and most roofing contractors find that these don’t work well in a windy area as they blow off doorknobs easily. 2) The other option is print them on thick cardstock for higher quality. These are the most common form of door hangers, they take a little longer due to having to have them die cut after they are printed. Either type of printed door hangers can be printed single sided or double sided and color or black & white.

Flyers & Brochures

Flyers are great for leave behinds at a potential client’s home or at trade shows to give a brief description of your company. Flyers are typically one page 8.5” X 11” documents, but we can customize them to any size you want. We recommend color and glossy to give the look of high quality.

Brochures are perhaps your most important roof contractor marketing material as brochures are usually a multi-page document that fully describe your company and should give the homeowner all the information about you that they need to make a proper, educated decision. Brochures can be saddle stitched (staple), coil bound or just folded. There are many different sizes that can be printed, but these should contain the most detailed description of your company.

Business Cards

A must for meeting a potential client. A well designed, attractive business card is extremely important as this is usually the first piece of marketing information that a potential client sees while with you are with them. The first seconds with a potential client are the most important in making a sale, business cards are vital to help the introduction. We print many styles of business cards: Flat ink, raised ink, single sided, double sided, UV coated, Matte finish and many more. We can help you have beautiful business cards for your roofing contractor business.

Yard Signs

Promote your roofing company after you finish a job by posting a yard sign in front of the house. This will also help neighbors know who to call if they like the look of the roof you just put on. ***Yard signs are not produced quickly.*** They generally take a week to 10 days, so plan in advance.

Automobile Magnets

If you are driving your vehicle, why not advertise your company? Auto magnets are an inexpensive way to do this. We can provide you with custom sizes to fit your truck, SUV or car doors.


As a roofing contractor you want to have clean detailed contracts to make sure that everything is legal and detailed. We print multiple types of contracts: 2 Part, 3 Part and even 4 Part duplicate forms. They can be single sided or double sided. They can even be in color to show the customer that you are a high quality company.

Presentation Folders

Presentation Folders provide your clients with a huge piece of marketing. A folder that contains flyers, brochures, business cards and copies of contracts is a great package for your homeowner if they are making a huge decision like having their roof done. We print pocket folders that fit your needs and we can print a minimal amount or large quantity.

Post Cards

Post Cards are still an effective marketing tool. We print post cards in many different sizes and we work with a mail house that can provide you with the proper mailing steps to give you the most cost effective postage.

Other Roof Marketing Materials

We also print promotional materials such as pens, notepads, hats and many other items. Any promotional item that can be printed on are great for trade shows or leave behinds.

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Have any questions as to how some of the above roof contractor marketing print materials can help with marketing your roofing business? Want to know how to get started? Contact us today or call (303) 779-1420 and ask us how we can help you build a successful print marketing campaign custom for your roofing business, area and target market.

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