Calling vs. Emailing

Whether you are dealing with The Print Connection or another company, it is important to evaluate whether to contact an organization via email or to call.  The question really becomes whether it necessary to call.  In this busy world that we live in, every form of contact becomes important for time sake.  For example; if you are in the middle of a time sensitive project and the phone rings, do you have time to answer the call or keep working on the project at hand? Obviously, the right answer is to get to the phone and take the call to help the person on the other line because they are more than likely a customer.  However, this blog is to hopefully open some eyes on the importance of either emailing or calling, but not both.

Here at The Print Connection, we pride ourselves on great customer service, so this is some information to show our side of service.  We are a small Denver printer that is doing a large amount of work for the amount of staff.  Should we have more employees? Yes, however if we hired more people, then we have to raise the cost of printing to support the cost of the extra staff.  We have a saying around the shop, “we don’t let grass grow under our feet.”  If you come into our office on any given day, you will see that we are always on the move to make sure we are taking care of your jobs.  To make this story short, the importance of emailing vs. calling becomes so important.  We love talking to our customers, but every time a call happens, it takes time away from us getting a project closer to completion which can ultimately delay your project from being done on time.  We regularly get calls from clients to ask if we have received the email that they just sent.  Believe me, we understand that you may feel concerned as whether we even received your email or not.  In this new technological age, you can tell if your email has gone through or not.  If it didn’t go through, you will get a message back saying it failed.  However, if you don’t receive an email message like this, there is no reason to call.

To summarize what I am trying to say, we prefer you to either call or email, but not both.  This takes way too much time away from productivity.  To be honest, we prefer you email more than anything, this gives us a chance to respond whenever we have an opportunity.  We do respond as soon as we can, but please remember, we are a Denver printer that has to move around, therefore we are not sitting in front of our computers for 9 hours a day.  If you send an email and we don’t respond immediately, we have hundreds of customers and responding to each one immediately is frankly impossible.

Your satisfaction is our desire, but too much communication can impede the speed and quality of your project.

Troy Kinney
The Print Connection

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