3 Tips on Using Print Marketing at Events

The long sunny days of summer are upon us, and for many communities, that means that the season of outdoor festivals, fairs and other events is officially underway. For small businesses, these events are the perfect advertising and marketing opportunity.

Whether you’re setting up a booth or renting a small table, knowing how to use your space to your advantage is crucial. Setting up at a local event can be pricey, but if you prepare properly, it can be a great way to pick up some new customers and prospects.

Not sure where to start?

Here are a few helpful tips for marketing your business at events.

How to Market Your Business at Summer Event

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Choose the Right Event

From vendor fairs to chili cook-offs, car shows, races and countless other events, you’ll probably have several options to choose from. Consider your industry, and choose an event where your target demographic will be in attendance. It wouldn’t make much sent to try to market a flower shop at a car show, and you probably wouldn’t have much luck selling car parts at a bridal show!

It’s also wise to choose an event that has a proven track record. First-time events don’t always draw the anticipated crowed. To ensure your investment is maximized, choose an event that has been running for several years and has strong attendance each year.

Be Prepared

A successful event requires a lot of planning. Signing up may be as simple as signing a contract and sending in a deposit for your space, but really getting the most out of your investment takes a lot of effort. If you plan on using the event as an opportunity to gather leads, make sure you have plenty of literature and samples to hand out. If you’re selling products, make sure you have enough stock and the ability to take various types of payment, including credit cards.

Invest in the Right Marketing Materials

Your marketing materials can make or break any event. Simply being present isn’t enough. For starters, you need something like an eye-catching custom banner to draw people to your booth or table. You’ll also want to make sure you have plenty of business cards, literature and other print marketing materials to share with customers and prospects and to enforce your brand.

Marketing Materials for Events in Denver

Do you need a Denver Printer that’s quick, low cost and reliable? If so, let The Print Connection help. We specialize in all types of print marketing materials, ranging from small business cards to banners for events and much more. For help with the marketing materials you need for a successful event, contact us today by calling 303-779-1420.

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