Why Door Hangers Get Results

Looking for a low cost way to get your message out and get your phone to ring?  Try door hangers.  Door hangers are particularly effective in the West where people are more trusting and there are fewer problems with leaving something on their door.

Because you can hand deliver your message to your prospects door it allows you to target your message to specific neighborhoods.  Too often when you use a saturation mailing the demographics (people you mail to) can be all over the map, (literally).  Using door hangers for specific neighborhoods, which can include middle to upper class homes, can be extremely effective.

The biggest mistake I see when businesses or churches use door hanger is they use the “one and done method”.    This approach to advertising is witnessed in all types of marketing.   Almost all media suffers from a, “I’ll give it a try and see” mentality on the part of the advertiser.  Unfortunately people often do not buy from the first offer.

So my advice is target an area with three or four door hangers over a 6 to 8 week timeframe on prospects homes that fit your buyer profile and you will get results.   Naturally your offer needs to be compelling and your door hangers need a sharp design.  By blanketing a neighborhood consistently you will become the dominate top-of-mind service provider in that area.

Each door hanger should have an interesting headline that addresses a need or problem the homeowner might have.  Such as:

  • Want to have the best lawn in the neighborhood?
  • Reduce your utility bills by 34% and simplify spring cleaning.
  • What you can do to make sure your home is never broken into?

Think about your product or service and determine an underlying need the person who lives in that neighborhood might have.  People will only glance at the door hanger for a few seconds so be sure you have a headline that makes them want to read more.

Think about what you want the person who reads the door hanger to do?  What action must they take?  Do you want them to call, go to your website or come to your place of business?  That desired action will help you decide what the offer should be.

Perhaps it is a discount with their first purchase or an added benefit if they buy the basic service, (free window washing in the spring & fall when they sign up for lawn care service for the summer).  Keep in mind what your total expected amount of revenue will be from the customer when considering an offer.  Too often we only think about the first sale.

If your company offers a service that has repeat opportunity then this must be factored in when considering what the offer should be.  I am not a fan of just discounts and dropping your price.  I believe if you win someone on price, then you can easily loose them on price.  Research shows that price ranks 3rd or 4th in most people’s decision making process when purchasing a product.

However price is often an “initial” consideration.  So you may wish to offer a discount off the first sale or order.  That way you are only using price as an acquisition strategy and not long term.  It also makes sense to your existing customers.  They understand that a one-time initial offer is acceptable.  If you give a lower price ongoing to NEW customers you are insulting and alienating your existing customers.  A stupid mistake made repeatedly by entrepreneurs.

So as you can see coming up with a good door hanger strategy is not just buying the cheapest door hanger and giving it a go.  But take heart most of your competition views it that way and may try door hangers and most likely fail and quit.  You on the other hand will spend more time, stretch that braaaaain of yours and BINGO, and come up with a real strategy that leaves your competition in the dust, wondering why your business is growing.

Steve Counts is the owner of DPI Printing & Mailing, in Springfield, Missouri.  He shares his advice on door hangers with The Print Connection’s valued clients and friends. For printing in Springfield, MO, contact DPI Printing & Mailing today.

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