Door Hanger Advertising

Denver Printing Company In today’s economy, effective advertising and marketing are a must. The days of customers finding businesses and service providers by simply checking the Yellow Pages are long gone. Today, everyone is bombarded with advertisements for everything from cars to carry out, and if you aren’t spreading your message the right way, you’re likely to get lost in the shuffle.

Online marketing has exploded over the last several years. Despite more consumers turning to the Internet to find the products and services they need, there’s still a huge advantage to making print marketing an integral part of your advertising strategy. Depending on your industry, door hanger advertising may be an excellent way to reach out to your target audience directly and set yourself apart from your competitors.

Industries that Benefit from Door Hanger Advertising

Door hangers are great for businesses in several industries, but here are just a few that benefit the most from this under-utilized marketing tools:

  • Door hangers are perfect for landscapers looking to gain customers in a particular area. Showcase the services you offer, and consider adding a coupon or frequent buyer card to encourage homeowners to use your business.
  • Babysitters/Pet Sitters. Whether you take care of kids or furbabies, a door hanger is an excellent way to let your neighbors know you’re available. Custom door hangers are affordable, making them ideal for sitters who often have limited budgets.
  • House Cleaners. If you have a house cleaning service, use door hangers to let homeowners know you’re available to take care of your housework. Mention your rates and services, and consider offering some type of reward program to keep new customers coming back.
  • Use door hangers to showcase specials and top-selling menu items. They’re also a great way to let people know about grand openings and other special events. Include a discount for diners who bring in their door hanger when visiting your restaurant.
  • Whether you’re a roofer, a plumber, an electrician or any other type of contractor, a door hanger is a good way to let your neighbors know about your business and the services you provide.

Benefits of Door Hangers

Few things are more eye-catching than an advertisement on your front door. Door hangers are prominently displayed and hard to miss. They’re also a unique means for delivering marketing messages. Unlike individually addressed home mailers, door hangers capture the attention of the entire household. In a way, they act like a poster or banner but with a more targeted audience.

Compared to other print marketing materials, door hangers are extremely economical. They’re easy to produce, and at The Print Connection, we’re here to help you design and print effective door hangers for your next marketing campaign. Give our design and marketing experts a call today to get started!

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