Is Blogging Really Important?

Is Blogging Really Important?Is blogging important? This is a test blog for The Print Connection.  First of all, I’m asking if you read this blog, please email me so that I can get an idea of how effective blogging is.

We have a wonderful company that does our web marketing; the company’s name is Seequs Marketing Technologies.  They are fabulous with their efforts of our website (which they designed) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and they have helped us to gather Google Reviews.   The Print Connection is a successful organization and some of that is to be credited to Seequs.  Stephen Christopher and his staff can help any company improve their digital image just like they have with us.

Why is this a commercial for Seequs, you ask?  It isn’t, but this leads to the question I have.  “Is blogging so important in the world of Web Marketing?”  I hear and read that blogging is the new wave of marketing especially since Google is now taking key words out of blogs to establish better SEO for companies.  I also understand that it is good marketing to drive potential clientele to your website.  My contact at Seequs, Josh, who is also fantastic at what he does, is regularly hounding me to write blogs.  Josh is so good at what he does, that he is trying to help The Print Connection’s business and he is very effective.  By stating my questioning of blogging, I am in no way criticizing the work that Seequs does.  So, back to my original question; “Is blogging so important in the world of Web Marketing?”

In my opinion blogs should be informative and somewhat entertaining to read.  I don’t feel that they always have to pertain to the business that is being provided.  For example, a blog on my website doesn’t always have to be about Denver printing.  I recently posted a blog about moving since we relocated our office in January.  That move was quite a battle and I thought there were some interesting thoughts that should be shared with others.  So, are readers of blogs more interested in business or entertainment?

Now I know that I am going to hear from the professionals about the reasons why blogging is so important.  Please don’t get me wrong, I believe blogging is important, I am just doing my own research here on how important it is.  I want to know from average business owners how blogging has helped them, maybe if you are reading this and care to share with me your views, I welcome the email.  Blogging takes time that I don’t always have, so in effort to make this worth your while as a reader and make it worth my time as a writer, I would you’re your feedback.

Troy Kinney
The Print Connection

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