Is Print Marketing Still Relevant?

Why Print Marketing is Relevant in the Digital Age

Print Marketing in the Digital AgeIn the past decade, printed media has lost a lot of ground as the result of the boom in digital media. Print media faces an ever-growing amount of competition from smartphones, tablets, social media and much more, and as a business owner, you may be concerned that the money you spend on printed marketing materials is not dollars well spent. However:

Printed marketing materials are still extremely relevant in the digital age.

There is no doubt that print has declined in recent years, but there is still a major need for printed materials for advertising and marketing.

So, how can you be sure that you are making the right choice by investing in printed materials? Here is definitive proof that print isn’t dying and it is still relevant in the digital age.

Print Offers Valuable Opportunities for Digital Tie-Ins

Printed marketing materials can allow you to take full advantage of digital marketing materials. While print is extremely effective as a standalone marketing strategy, it can also be combined with other media to create dynamic multimedia marketing campaigns that are extremely effective.

A perfect example of how print and digital can work together in perfect harmony is QR codes. Implementing a QR code that links to your website to your printed advertisements drives traffic to your site quickly and easily.

Consider this:

According to the Direct Marketing Association, marketing campaigns that combine internet advertising with printed direct mailers have a 25% higher response rate than campaigns relying on digital advertising alone.

Print is Tangible

A printed business card or flyer is something that your prospects can hold in their hands. They can feel the texture of high-quality paper and see vibrant colors exactly how you intend. Printed materials can engage a person in ways that advertising on a screen simply can’t. No matter how much time we spend using our electronics, nothing will ever replace the feeling of a “real” piece of marketing materials.

Consider it this way: Will receiving an email ever replace the feeling of opening your mailbox to find a handwritten letter?

It’s Scalable

Printed materials are not limited to the size of the screen on a tablet, smartphone or computer. Print encompasses larger-than-life billboards, miniscule matchbooks and literally all shapes and sizes in between.

Printed Materials Can Be Everywhere

Digital marketing is extremely effective… as long as your intended audience is online to see it. Print marketing is not reliant on technology.

For roofing contractors and real estate agents, for example, yard signs are extremely effective advertising tools that can be viewed hundreds, even thousands, of times daily by passing traffic and pedestrians.

Because print marketing does not rely on technology, it is also portable and easy to share. Business cards can be passed along in an instant and provide all the information a prospect needs to connect with you further.

Print Marketing Provides Opportunities for Direct Connections

Digital marketing is incredibly powerful for reaching large audiences, and in some instances, such as social media marketing, it can be targeted to reach specific demographics.

But what about when you want to only reach a very small area and make direct connections?

With printed materials, you can, for example, place door hangers with a high value coupon for a new restaurant on every door within a 1-mile radius. Or you can mail postcards to every address within a certain zip code or on a specific street. You could even take it a step further and hand deliver materials to certain individuals.

Some Things are Just Better in Print

Training manuals. Brochures. Postcards. Some things are just better, and more effective, in print. It’s hard to duplicate the impressiveness of a beautifully-designed and printed brochure in a digital version, and printed training materials are much easier to flip through for reference than an e-book for many people.

Denver Print Marketing

At The Print Connection, we offer comprehensive Denver print marketing services. We can help you get the most out of your advertising and marketing budget by harnessing the power of print in dynamic marketing campaigns that will get results. From business cards and postcards to large-scale banners, bookbinding and more, we are your source for professional printing in the Denver area. Call 303-779-1420 or visit us online to learn more!

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