Coil Bound Books

Coil bound book printing, also known as spiral bound book printing, is a popular choice for printing presentations, manuals and textbooks. It is an affordable and versatile option, making it ideal for people in numerous industries. Coil bound books offer a professional appearance at a fraction of the cost of other techniques, and they are commonly used in many professional settings.

At The Print Connection – your local Denver print shop, we offer coil bound book printing as one of our Denver bookbinding services.

Benefits of Coil Binding

Coil binding is our most popular binding option, and for good reason. This type of binding uses a metal or plastic coil that is carefully inserted and guided through holes punched along the edges of the cover and pages. This coil joins all the pages and cover but allows them to open freely. There are several benefits to choosing this option, including:

  • The pages can be opened a full 360 degrees. Coil bound books can fold back on themselves and remain flat, making them ideal when you need an option that allows for easy reference without taking up a lot of space.
  • Pages turn easily and stay in place. When you open a spiral bound book, the pages rotate around the coil with little to no resistance. This allows the pages to stay open and in place without needing to be held open.
  • It accommodates books of varying thicknesses. Coils are available in several sizes to accommodate books with varying thicknesses. Whether you have a book with several pages or just a few, there is a coil that is the correct size for your project.
  • It works with index tabs. Coil binding works perfectly for pages that include tabbed page dividers. Tabs are available in several colors, and they add an extra touch of professionalism to reference documents.

Coil Bound Books in Denver

For coil bound books in Denver, depend on The Print Connection. Whether you need one copy or hundreds, we can handle any coil binding project. Contact us today to get started!