Offset Printing

At The Print Connection, one of our specialties is offset printing in Denver

Offset printing is different from digital printing because it provides more accurate color representation than digital, and it is a more cost effective option for large runs.

Offset printing is done by mixing inks together to create an exact color. For example, if a client comes in and asks for the color blue on a document, we would then ask for an example of the exact color desired, since there are many, many colors of blue. Once we know exactly what color is needed, we can match it with a PMS (Pantone Matching System) guide, and our pressman can then mix inks to create the exact color. This provides a much more precise result than digital printing, making offset printing an excellent choice when color accuracy matters.

When you opt for offset printing in Denver, your final project will be of higher quality due to exact color representation, and if you have a large run, your overall project will also be more affordable.

Unfortunately, there are a few drawbacks to offset printing, and it isn’t the best choice for every job. One of the main disadvantages is that offset printing is a much slower process than digital printing. A plate need to be made for each page, which can be time-consuming. Making plates also costs money, and these setup costs can be very expensive for small runs.

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