The Power of Personalized Print Marketing

Personalizing Your Print Marketing

Personalize Printing ServicesEven in an age when digital marketing is the primary focus of many industry professionals, print marketing is still one of the best and most effective methods of connecting with a target audience and create awareness of your brand or business on a large scale. Though there are numerous benefits to digital marketing, it simply cannot replace print marketing in terms of tangibility and potential personalization. By personalizing your print marketing materials, you can further leverage your marketing investment.

Print marketing is an extremely beneficial medium. With print, you have the ability to put something in your target audience’s hands, something that they can share with their friends and family members. You are literally able to give each and every prospect a little piece of your business.

As powerful as print marketing is, you have the ability to make it even more powerful with one simply step: personalization.

Despite the rise in digital marketing, studies have proven that print marketing is still very much alive and well. Even in an era where everyone is carrying smartphones, tablets and laptop computers, people still pay close attention to printed materials.

On average, generic printed marketing materials generate a response rate of about 2%. However, in a recent study of more than 1,000 businesses in ten different industries, personalized materials have an average response rate of about 6% and a 16%+ conversion rate.

Why Personalization Works

Think about it:

Are you more likely to open a letter addressed to “Current Resident” or one addressed to your name? Does “Dear Sir or Madame,” grab your attention, or are you more likely to pay attention if a business takes the time to address you directly?

While it may not seem like a huge difference, personalization instantly creates a much better connection between you and the person who is reading your materials. Simultaneously, this separates your business from others that do not employ personalization techniques.

Seeing your own name rather than a generic greeting makes you feel special. Instead of feeling like you are merely the recipient of the same form letter that everyone in your neighborhood received, you feel like someone took the time to send something to you specifically. The marketing benefit of this is obvious. If someone in your target audience feels that you took the time to reach out to them directly, they are more likely to remember you and consider your services.

You might be thinking, “Why not just send out personalized emails?” The answer is simple:

Personalization is much more impressive in print. Just about everyone has a computer these days, and they know just how quick and easy it is to modify an email so it includes a name. There’s no wow factor.

Something else to consider:

A recent study cited by Pepperdine University’s online School of Management found that 69% of 18 to 24 year olds said they would rather read printed materials than digital.

With printed materials, though, a bit more time and effort is required, and this effort is much more likely to be appreciated by your recipient.

The great news for business owners is that personalized printing really isn’t that complicated. Thanks to variable printing capabilities, printers can easily make modifications to include your recipient’s name or other personalization to each piece. Brochures, postcards, flyers and even door hangers can easily be modified to include some degree of personalization, and variable printing is an affordable option.

Taking it a Step Further

Adding a first name is a great way to boost your response and conversation rates, but why not take it even further? For example, if your mailing list consists of your past customers, why not create home mailers with product or service recommendations based on their past purchases? Online retailers like employ techniques like this all the time in their email marketing campaigns, but many business owners do not realize that they can do the exact same thing used printed materials. Doing so requires some time and effort, but it is definitely a worthwhile investment!

At The Print Connection, we can help you created personalized print marketing materials that work. From something simple like adding customer names to creating fully customized campaigns based on your customers’ purchase history, we can help. Give us a call today at 303-779-1420 to learn more about how to take your print marketing campaign to the next level!


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